EMAG is the electromagnetic module of the general-purpose finite element-based program NISA. It can determine electric and magnetic field distributions in a wide class of electromagnetic devices. EMAG performs electromagnetic analyses by solving the appropriate Maxwell's formulations. It is coupled with NISA/HEAT to enable a coupled analysis of electromagnetic and thermal fields.



  • Integrated with DISPLAY III for easy and effective pre- and post-processing
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional electromagnetic problems
  • Linear, nonlinear and anisotropic materials
  • Steady and/or time varying excitations
  • Output of various design parameters critical for design optimization


  • Color plots of electric field, magnetic field, flux densities, magnetic vector potential, voltage and current distributions
  • Arrow plots for all vector parameters
  • Stored electric energy
  • Stored magnetic energy and coenergy
  • Power losses
  • Capacitance, conductance and inductance of the device
  • Induced eddy currents
  • Ampere's force in current carrying region force and torque calculations using volume integration method and/or displacement method (virtual work method)
  • Temperature distribution

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