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DIFFUSOR2New tool Satisfies Finite Element Analysis requirements of CAD Users 

Troy, MI—Users of Geomagic (Alibre Design), a leading 3D design software solution developed and distributed by 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD), can now purchase the Inventium Suite™ add-on for finite element analysis.  The add-on allows the user to automatically transfer Alibre Design model data into the finite element (FE) modeling tool, PreSys™, of the Inventium Suite™, specify the necessary material and loading definitions, and finally perform analysis with NISA™. 

“This new add-on addresses a segment of the market that has been typically under-served by finite element modeling and analysis vendors,” comments Vipul Kinariwala, NISA™ Product Manager. “Often, they have provided overly simplified versions of their products and the tools have been inadequate to solve all but the most simple simulation tasks. This new product will deliver all of the capabilities found in PreSys™, for FE modeling, and in NISA™, for linear static and eigenvalue analysis.” 

CAD designs can be simulated with this package, allowing engineers to predict and study stress and deflection performance of their product.  This type of analysis allows the designer to reflect on results and improve and optimize designs early in product development.  Significant reductions in product development time/cost and improvements in productivity/efficiency can be achieved. 

The new add-on is available for 3D Systems’ two business class CAD products, Geomagic (Alibre) Design Professional and Design Expert.  The Inventium Suite™ add-on includes NISA™ for linear static and Eigenvalue calculation and PreSys™ for finite element modeling and analysis.  The package is sold together at affordable price-point and is available at (PreSys for NISA) and from selected Alibre distribution channels globally.

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